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Criminal Trial Court Lawyer

Over 30 years experience trying felony and misdemeanor cases
across the State of Oregon in both state and Federal courts

Pat Birmingham | Criminal Defense Attorney

Criminal Case Results

Only a very small percentage of criminal cases attract media attention. Pat Birmingham works to prevent or avoid media attention whenever possible. Sometimes, however, media attention is unavoidable. He is especially adept in defending high profile clients where prosecutors may use criminal charges to make "examples" of corporate, business, and community leaders. He possesses the communication savvy needed to cope with the bright, unrelenting eye of the news media. He has appeared on television and has been interviewed by experienced reporters. He has contacts with local reporters and knows the unspoken "media rules," enabling him to help you avoid disastrous public relations pifalls.

The following are examples of some of Pat's cases that have attracted media attention:

Due to privacy concerns of his clients, only cases that have been on television or appeared in newspapers are listed here.

Homicide Cases Reported by The Oregonian Newspaper

State of Oregon vs. Westun Lee Harvey
Charge: Manslaughter / Criminally Negligent Homicide
All charges were dismissed against Mr. Harvey three days before trial.

State of Oregon vs. Kemple
Charge: Murder
Mr. Kemple found not guilty by jury.

State of Oregon vs. Self
Charge: Murder
Mr. Self found not guilty by jury.

State of Oregon vs. Butler & Butler
Charge: Murder
Both men found not guilty by jury.

State of Oregon vs. Thamprapas
Charge: Murder, Arson and Assault
Ms. Thamprapas had murder, arson and assault charges dismissed in plea bargain. She pled guilty to theft and hindering prosecution.

State of Oregon vs. Ritchie
Charge: Murder
Jury found Mr. Ritchie not guilty of murder but of lesser included offense of negligent homicide.

State of Oregon vs. Keller
Charge: Double homicide
No charges filed.

State of Oregon vs. Tran
Charge: Murder
Plea to manslaughter.

Murder Case Filmed on Court TV and Reported in Wallowa County Chieftan Newspaper

State of Oregon vs. Northon
Charge: Murder
After several days of jury trial, murder charges dismissed in exchange for plea to manslaughter.
Also see true crime novel, "Heart Full of Lies," by author Ann Rule.

Rape, Sodomy Case Reported by The Oregonian Newspaper

State of Oregon vs. Johnson
Charge: Rape & Sodomy
Mr. Johnson found not guilty by jury of all charges.

Rape, Kidnapping Case Reported by The Highlight-Herald Newspaper in Tillamook, Oregon

State of Oregon vs. Derrick
Charge: Rape, Kidnapping, Sodomy & Sex Abuse
Jury found Mr. Derrick not guilty of rape, kidnapping, sodomy, sex abuse, etc.

Reckless Endangerment Case Reported by The Headlight-Herald Newspaper in Tillamook, Oregon

State of Oregon vs. Gary Warren Quackenbush
Charge: Murder
Mr. Quackenbush found not guilty by jury of reckless endanger to others with a firearm.

Criminally Negligent Homicide Case Reported by The St. Helens Chronicle Newspaper in St. Helens, Oregon

State of Oregon vs. Andrew Graf
Charge: Criminally Negligent Homicide / 12 Counts of Unlawful Delivery of Controlled Substances
The charge of Criminally Negligent Homicide and 11 counts of Unlawful Delivery were dismissed and Mr. Graf pled guilty to one charge of Unlawful Delivery of a Controlled Substance.

Sexual Abuse Case Reported by The Yamhill County News-Register Newspaper

State of Oregon vs. Daniel James Accuardi
Charge: Sexual Abuse in the First Degree
The charges were dropped against Mr. Accuardi four days before jury trial.

Perjury Case Reported by The Oregonian Newspaper

State of Oregon vs. Gustafson
Charge: Perjury
Jury found Ms. Gustafson not guilty of perjury in the first trial. In the second trial the judge dismissed all remaining charges.

Drug Case Reported by The Oregonian Newspaper

United States vs. Avance
Charge: Drugs
Federal judge declared search warrant affidavit of drug enforcement office agent and state police to be in "reckless disregard of the truth" and as a result all marijuana and gun charges were dismissed.

Murder Case Reported by The Curry Coastal Pilot Newspaper in Brookings, Oregon

State of Oregon vs. Juday
Charge: Murder
Found not guilty of murder by jury trial; guilty of manslaughter.

Willamette Week Newspaper

Numerous articles on various local matters involving Mr. Birmigham's cases.

Pat has tried and won virtually every kind of criminal case from DUI to first degree murder.